Welcome to zoug.top! Thanks for being here. I’m zoug, and this is my little internet space where you’ll find various things. Those things include articles about software development, Linux sysadmin, and any subject I find interesting and would like to ramble about. Feel free to come here from time to time if your interests are close to mine, or follow me on your favorite social networks to be notified when new posts are published.

I’m an INSA de Lyon alumni (Telecoms, Robotics, Security). I feel very strongly about privacy and use open-source software as much as possible, so that I know what the code actually does. I encourage everybody to do the same! My code is for the most part published under the GPL.


Please feel free to contact me at zoug@protonmail.ch with any suggestion, question or comment you may have! You can use my PGP public key.

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